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HMAS leader in Switching, Middleware Space and in Card Issuance & Management Solution
Empowering technology for e-biz in the third millennium, with the best of products that work across platforms, giving customers convenient, cost-effective solutions

Welcome to HMA STARware Pvt. Ltd.

We live in new times, with new perspectives of the future, creating new challenges for financial services. To remain competitive and profitable, financial institutions need to incorporate the latest technology into their operations, optimizing the bank's relationship with its clients, enabling access anywhere, anytime.

HMA STARware Pvt. Ltd. (HMAS), headquartered in Chennai, South India, offers complete banking software solutions for the retail-banking sector. HMAS is a part of HMA Group of companies - a group with over 16 years of domain knowledge in giving state-of-the-art retail banking products & services.


HMA STARware Pvt. Ltd. has been certified with the ISO 9001:2000 standards and its Quality Management System has been assessed by BVQI India Pvt. Ltd.

HMAS provides customized solutions needed to successfully compete in the World of Commerce, where transactions to the tune of millions are carried out by the second. Our flagship products have proven their reliability, stability and functionality in more than 50 banks in India, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

HMAS, the leaders in Switching, Middleware, Reconciliation and Card Management Solutions in the retail-banking arena, offers applications designed to support both centralized and distributed environments of a retail bank. With a proven track record in providing efficient and productive bank software, this Indian software company is fast expanding its operations in the domestic and overseas arena.

HMAS has made giant strides in electronic banking applications, carving a niche for itself in the hi-tech arena of e-com software solutions. HMAS Star Suite of Products includes generic financial transaction switches, Cash management, Centralized ATM switches, On-line debit gateway software, Any Branch Banking software, ATM connectivity modules, Card Management Systems, Management Information Systems and tele-banking systems.

….a complete portfolio for complete solutions.

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