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On-site & Off-site Model

We at HMAS focus on offering a wide spectrum of services, across the entire vertical segment of the retail-banking sector, through a cost effective "onsite - offsite model" designed to meet specific needs of our clients worldwide and offer them the best value for money.

Activities during the software development life cycle (SDLC), which involve extensive interaction with the user, are usually provided on-site at the customer's location. Once the function or design specifications are clear, the activities are moved to the HMAS software labs. For example, the initial systems study and high-level design are executed on-site. The low-level design, development and testing takes place in the labs. The client's environment is completely simulated at HMAS labs, facilitating efficient development.

HMAS 'communication infrastructure' for onsite-offsite linkage enables good project control, quick reviews and efficient change management.


HMAS provides consultancy services including technical consultancy, manpower outsourcing and a range of other specialized retail-banking advisory solutions through its panel of experts.

We consistently indulge into new technologies and experimentation to develop cost effective solutions and meet highly specific & diversified needs of our clients. To ensure effective & efficient delivery of customized solutions, expertise, in terms of experience & skills of each consultant are duly analyzed prior to the inception of the project.

Our approach to assist the entire vertical banking segment in achieving business transformation has enabled us to achieve International accreditation by some of the leading Private Sector & Government Banks and Financial Institutions.

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